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Field trials, hunt tests, gundogs, agility, your new companion is right here

Topper and Woods powerhouse field bred golden retriever breeding. Will make dark red puppies.


Due Spring 2024 | Test Breeding & Clearances

Topper is a tall, heavily muscled, powerfully built male with high drive and loads of talent. He found success early while running derbies achieving two 4th’s and a Reserve Jam. Master looked easy as Topper obtained his MH title in a month and finished his streak with 13 passes in 16 tests. In qualifying stakes, he racked up a Res Jam, two 3rd’s, and a 2nd. Topper is now running in all-age competition where he will continue to build on his recent success at the 22’ Golden National where he achieved a Jam. Arguably Topper’s most redeeming quality is that he’s a true work horse who always gives 100% effort.


Woods is a compact, structurally sound female that pairs great looks with speed, style, and a great working attitude. As pleasing in the house as she is capable in the duck blind, her off switch is what we all look for. With solid marking, compliant blind running, and excellent bird finding abilities, Woods is a hunter’s dream. A true water dog with incredible prey drive, she is built for all environments. Going 5/5 in senior as a 1 year old, Woods quickly advanced to Master and Finished and now with her HRCH in hand, she looks to round out MH this spring.

Aesthetically, this pairing will combine a unique combination of athletically sound structure, moderate coats, red color, dark pigment, and black eyes. From a health perspective, both dogs are bringing OFA Good hips and Normal elbows to the table while also passing all other health clearances. These puppies will make excellent hunt test prospects, standout gundogs, or amazing active family companions. We expect they will be avid retrievers who will always give you their all.

Reservation List:


1. Zach E., Oklahoma

2. Zach H., Arkansas

3. John M., Iowa

4. Abigail W., Arkansas


1. Corey S., Oklahoma

2. Markus W., Washington

3. Josh B., Oklahoma

4. (                                 )

rugby x maple.PNG

AFC Rugby x FTW Maple

Arrived December 17th | Test Breeding & Clearances

Introducing what could be one of the most significant American x British outcrosses in nearly half a century and likely the only American Field Champion x British Field Trial Winner pairing in the history of the breed.

With a COI of less than 1% and no sacrifice in talent or health, this is a small step towards genetic sustainability in Golden Retrievers.

After a successful field trial career in the UK, John McCarter at Bayou Gundog and then Rob Erdhart of Silvertip Retrievers completed two separate evaluations, across 18 months, of Maple’s potential in the context of American field trials. She had excellent showings in both assessments.

Maple pairs talented marking and blind running with speed and style. She is a truly balanced animal who is strong in the water, and steady as a rock. We’d encourage you to reach out to both John and Rob for additional insight into her characteristics.

Rugby of course, is arguably one of, if not the greatest, marking golden of all time. A real gentlemen and epitome of the breed.


AFC Rugby

- Only golden to achieve derby list prior to 1 yo

- 37 derby points

- 31.5 AA points

- 30 QAA progeny

- 35 MH progeny

- 4 Field Champion progeny

FTW Maple

- British field trial 1st

- British field trial 3rd

- 2X Gun’s Choice award

- All Accomplished in a single trial season

If you’d like to hear more of Maple’s back story or the details of acquiring, training, and planning this breeding feel free to reach out. Happy to chat.

Reservation List:



1. Susan M., Minnesota

2. Marc P., Wyoming

3. Wayne D. & Tim H., Idaho & Michigan

4. Joseph M., Oklahoma


1. Dave C., Arizona

breeding announcement.PNG

Hutch QA2 (15.5 AA pts) x Jane ** (derby pts & Quals)
Elite Modern Field Trial Breeding
Planned Summer of 2024


Official breeding announcement coming soon!

Planned Summer of 2024 | Test Breeding & Clearances

Hutch has 15.5 AA points and is one win away from being FC AFC and having 20.5+ AA points. He also racked up 25 derby points and was #1 derby dog.

Jane is an excited young field trial prospect with a huge ceiling. Jane picked up 5 derby points and 2 Jams in 6 trials before running in the Derby National. She begins running Quals this month. She’s a dog that could go all the way. We are actually doing this breeding so she won’t be an older maiden bitch after she retires (and is hopefully titled to FC) when we’d want to use frozen semen on her.

We are hopeful and reasonably expect by June (time of breeding), it will be a FC AFC x QAA/QA2 breeding and maybe the highest profile modern field trial breeding of 2024.

One last thing is, this will be the best Hawk son x the best Crush daughter and also the first time a Hawk son and Crush daughter will of been paired together.

Reservation List:



1. Mike W., Utah

2. Tyler S., Louisiana

3. (                              )

4. (                               )


1. Ron L., Missouri

2. Josh B., Montana/Louisiana

3. (                             )

4. (                              )

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